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Centrala Berlin e.V. is a research and production hub that engages with Centre-Periphery art distribution from Central and Eastern Europe and beyond. 

The association aims to strengthen Central and Eastern European communities and trans-peripheral solidarities, adapted to the local context in Berlin.

We fulfil our mission by collaborating with artists, curators and researchers and building sustainable networks with artistic communities from Central and Eastern Europe as well as from semi-periphery regions. 


Centrala Berlin thrives on pop-up gallery projects and the promotion of long-term, research-led initiatives that focus on exhibition making, artistic exchange and collaborations with like-minded cultural practitioners.

The organisation was founded in 2019 by Alicja Kaczmarek, Berenika Partum and Agata Lisiak as also other artists, art historians and urban researchers Sophia Tabatadze, Mareike Wenzel, Karolina Majewska-Güde and Tinatin Gurgenidze who are based in Berlin.

From 2024 onwards Centrala Berlin is running under artistic and executive direction of Berenika Partum and Krzysztof Gutfranski.